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Trade Shows & Exhibits

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Trade Show Exhibit Design & Production

Considering travel arrangements, delivery schedules, and a giant stack of exhibit forms that need to be filled out by hand, even seasoned professionals can find arranging a trade show exhibit to be an exhausting proposition. Let JMS be your expert support system in ensuring your exhibit is professionally designed, on-time, and within budget.


There may be a lot to accomplish before show day, but JMS has the experience to plan your show from start to finish. By setting logistical checkpoints along the way, we can ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

Goals & Development

That brochure may look enticing, but is the show it’s advertising really right for you? We can work with your team to determine how a show might–or might not–fit within your overall marketing plan and what kind of returns your exhibit should get.

Budget Management

The show may only be three days, but if you’re not careful they can be the most expensive three days of your year. Let JMS keep the costs under control by helping you determine exhibit size, sponsorship value, and the most efficient way to ship your materials to the show.


It’s almost showtime and somehow that pile of pipes and canvas needs to be transformed into an exhibit–with only an allen wrench. With JMS on your team your exhibit will be assembled, cleaned, and electrified in no time.

B2B Trade Show Marketing

A comprehensive marketing campaign for your exhibit can help ensure qualified leads see your exhibit as a destination, and can keep them interested after the event is over. JMS has the expertise to deliver your message to relevant audiences and tee trade show attendees up for your exhibit staff.


A strategic email campaign invites viewers to your website for some pre-show research. JMS has the capabilities to create emails that bring visitors to your website and your exhibit.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing does not need to be junk mail. Instead, JMS can help you build a custom campaign that delivers messages tailored to each individual in your mailing list for maximum results.


Is event sponsorship right for your company, or would you just be playing catch up with the competition? JMS can help you determine the value of show sponsorship and negotiate for the exposure and return your support deserves.


Your presence in a show directory or industry magazine can be your presence on a prospect’s desk for the next year or more. JMS has experts on staff to ensure your campaign is attractive, relevant, and compelling.

Social Media

Used properly, social media can be the best way to to attract and retain valuable contacts from an event. Let JMS help your company manage valuable leads with a steady stream of current, relevant and shareable information.

Public Relations

A well-crafted and distributed press release can be the key to a successful product launch or turn your exhibit into an event of its own. With JMS, you’ll have expertise and connections at your disposal to help get the word out.

Brochures & Collateral

Showtime is here and you will only have a few minutes with each attendee. With the right materials your sales team can underscore their points and leave each prospect with enticing information to warm up cold calls after the event is over. When you supply source materials and a time frame, JMS can pull together informative, professional sales pieces that will help make the sale.


Guarantee that your company looks it best with expert design services from JMS. We’ll work with your team to create the materials that will leave a lasting impression.


JMS offers complete copywriting services. You supply the basics, we write the copy. It’s that simple.


JMS sources printing from across the country to find you top quality work within your budget and time frame.


Put our shipping expertise to work for the most cost-effective way of getting your information to prospects, or to find materials ready to go in your exhibit.

Branded Premiums for Trade Shows

Whether you’re looking to say “just sign here” or “just take the pen and go” JMS has premium options for all needs and budgets. Let us help you find the perfect piece, or visit and conduct your own search for items that will fit your needs.


Ensure both exhibit staff and top customers look their finest with branded apparel that makes a statement. JMS can source, design and deliver brand-name apparel with a variety of processes that will make your message stand out.


Make sure your giveaways don’t end up at the bottom of a child’s toy chest. Let JMS help you find unique items that prospects will use for years to come. Click here to get started!

Sales Incentives

With JMS, you can add your logo or custom message to help launch a brand, build excitement for a new initiative, or spark a competitive fire.

Promotional Programs

Our strategic planning capabilities allow you to use simple giveaways to fuel integrated promotional programs; allowing you to create multiple-touch points for important prospects and monitor engagement long after an event has ended.

From simple banners to complete trade show marketing systems, JMS has the resources and experience to support you in making your company’s event a success.