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Marketing Planning

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Business to Business Marketing Planning

The most successful B2B marketing campaigns start off with a fully developed plan. JMS can help your organization get off on the right foot by ensuring that everyone knows the “who”, “what”, and “how much” that your marketing campaign entails so your efforts remain focused and on budget.

Marketing Evaluation

With a thorough assessment of your existing materials, JMS can help your team get the most value out of both previous investments and future plans.

Setting Goals

So, why are we here? It seems like a simple question, but each person on your team may have a different answer. Before we begin, we’ll integrate all of these goals into a strategy that ensures nothing is done “just because.”

Target Market Development

Targeting the people that are most likely to influence and make purchasing decisions ensures a better return on investment. Working with your team, we will determine key characteristics that define your target market and tailor your message to address their needs.

Budget Development

Knowing how much you want to spend is easy. Finding out how much something is supposed to cost requires more planning. Put our marketing experience to work to plan realistic expenses now so you can avoid sticker shock later.

B2B Marketing Management

Once your marketing campaign is on the move, it will require constant monitoring to make sure it doesn’t hit any common pitfalls along the way. JMS will work with your sales and marketing teams to convey goals, and improve results.

Increasing Value

By utilizing photos, copy, and design templates across a variety of media, JMS compounds the return on your investments by making sure all of your marketing materials go the distance.


Once we have aligned our goals, target market, and budget we can set deadlines and determine benchmarks to make sure the marketing plan is on track and what course corrections may need to take place along the way.

Team Building and Role Definition

We pride ourselves on seamlessly blending with your in-house marketing staff to produce even better results. By coordinating your team at the beginning, we can develop a plan that plays off of individual strengths and avoids overlap.

Traffic Management

JMS can help manage your marketing calendars across events and throughout the year to help your company save on shipping, minimize production costs and build relationships with vendors and publications.


How is your marketing strategy working out? JMS will constantly review and report on your campaign’s performance and work together with your team to meet goals and refine strategies as the campaign progresses.


Modern analytical tools and data collection options make it easier than ever to see how your efforts are working–if you know what to look for. We use a variety of tools and metrics to continuously monitor your results and see what is working best.

Meetings & Presentations

Need to present your results to a board, investors or executive committee? Put our expert presenters to work for you to interpret marketing results in a meaningful way and answer any questions that might arise.